Where To Find Us

You’ll find our Turtle Roll Ice Cream food truck at The Eatery which is an outdoor, family friendly park with yard games and the Gulf Breeze dog park. 

You can also venture across the street to find Turtle Roll Ice Cream inside the Grab a Bite Food Court & Bar which is a combination of an outdoor food truck court with a full indoor restaurant called Deli Dudes and a bar that serves beer & wine. 

If you in Navarre or soaking up the sunshine on Navarre Beach, find us in the bright coral building located on the corner of Hwy 98 & 87. Here you’ll find indoor and outdoor seating and over 40 flavors of ice cream on display!

Our Turtle Roll Ice Cream Truck can be booked for parties, weddings, birthdays, customer appreciations or gatherings of any kind and we’ll bring the deliciousness to you!

Gulf Breeze @the Eatery

Gulf Breeze @ Grab a Bite


Book the Ice Cream Truck