Our Story


Your first ice cream memory, most people have one. Those memories often take us back to a sweet time. My childhood ice cream memory is sitting down to enjoy homemade ice cream for dinner on Sunday evenings with my family. I am Charlene Cook, creator of Turtle Roll Ice Cream and my hope is that our ice cream and frozen treats can bring enjoyment to your taste buds while creating fun memories.

Turtle Roll Ice Cream is located at The Eatery in Gulf Breeze, inside the Grab a Bite Food Court & Bar in Gulf Breeze and in the heart of Navarre at the corner of Hwy 98 & 87 in the bright coral building. To make your next event or party sensational, you can book the Turtle Roll Truck and we’ll bring the deliciousness to you! The love of ice cream has been a life long passion starting with devouring it as a child, to working at a local ice cream parlor as a teenager, to now making my dream come true of serving up ice cream right here on the Gulf Coast. I hope to share this creamy goodness with our local community and visitors for years to come. Our premium ice cream is made fresh locally using high quality ingredients.
Come try our large selection of homemade premium ice cream flavors, ask for a dipped soft serve cone, create your own ice cream masterpiece as a Tubular Twist or cool off with some shaved ice


Smiles! Smiles are important to us. There are many charities and organizations that exist to promote family, learning and keeping our environment clean. Turtle Roll Homemade Ice Cream & Shaved Ice makes a concerted effort to give back to our local community. We have several initiatives that align with our family values and we proudly invest into and serve many programs. 

Turtle Roll Homemade Ice Cream & Shaved Ice is a proud sponsor of the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center. As a nonprofit organization, the NBSTCC’s mission is to conserve and protect threatened and endangered sea turtles giving them "more tomorrows".

Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center https://navarrebeachseaturtles.org/

Turtle Roll Homemade Ice Cream & Shaved Ice has been a refreshing addition to our district! They have great Ice Cream, they are well known and loved by the community and they give a significant amount back to the schools for special programming!

Santa Rosa County Schools https://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/

Turtle Roll Ice Cream & Shaved Ice has been a big supporter of the Gulf Breeze Zoo! They share many of the same values by providing financial aid and assistance to international conservation programs. They have created some of the most incredible and fun menu items where a portion of the proceeds benefit our preferred charities!

Gulf Breeze Zoo https://www.gbzoo.com/

The Navarre Beach Are Chamber of Commerce is proud to have Turtle Roll Homemade Ice Cream & Shaved Ice as a member. Charlene's customer service and staff leadership approach is second to none. She (and her ice cream) are loved by the community and all her staff. When asked "why do you do what you do" she says "for the smiles".

Navarre Beach Are Chamber of Commerce https://www.navarrechamber.com/

Thank you, Turtle Roll Homemade Ice Cream & Shaved Ice, for keeping us cool and refreshed during those hot summer days on Navarre Beach! Your milkshakes are not only delicious but also the perfect way to cool down after a long day of guarding the beach. We appreciate all that you do to serve our community with your tasty treats. Keep up the great work!

Navarre Beach Lifeguards https://www.facebook.com/navarrebeachlifeguards/about


We serve premium ice cream made from scratch locally with high quality ingredients. Whether you visit to enjoy your favorite flavor or to try something new, our homemade ice cream is sure to bring a smile to your face. Delicious soft serve is available in a variety of flavors, including a Florida favorite, Pineapple Dole. Soft serve can be mixed with sundae toppings to create a customized Tubular Twist or hand spun into a delicious shake. With customizable Sundaes, which can be dressed up with any of our endless topping combinations, ice cream lovers can create a new treat each and every time.

Shaved ice is also available in a variety of refreshing flavors and combinations, to satisfy every taste bud.